Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures - Swings

Who cannot enjoy the simple pleasure of swings?
The motion of forward and back, the rhythm that comes from being on for a while, the gentle tummy sensation that exists for me every time.
I don't know of  a time I haven't loved being on a swing. I simply love the thrill of this oh, so simple and yet very calming activity.

Even now (as the photo above shows) I still love the swings. If we go to a playground I ALWAYS have to have a turn on the swings........that is after I have pushed little ones and the other children have had a turn.
For me it is just an expression of freedom! The ability to soar up into the sky and yet still know that the earth is safely below. Even when we have little babies I want need my turn on the swing.
Arwen on the swing that has been the scene of many happy memories
Even as I love this activity our children, like so many others have had a swing set of their own. In fact I do think we are on our 3rd swing set (which is in very dire need of replacing).

Children love to be on the swings and I have spent many an hour outside pushing them on them. From the time our oldest was two and we got him that first swing set for his second birthday, children and swings just go together for me..............and singing.

Ahhh, yes singing. Strange as it may sound the corresponding activity for swinging is singing.

After Kynan received that swing set for his birthday we were blessed with our son Braedon. From that time on I sang songs to them as I pushed them on the swings.

However the standard, well compulsory 'swing song' is the one I have made up from way back then and gets added to as we have more children. This is the song were I use the children's Christan and middle names and  make a rhyme from it.

For example:
Kynan Blair...loves the fair
Dum, diddle, umpt, dmpt, umpt, dumpt
next child's name
Dum, diddle, umpt, dmpt, umpt, dumpt
and down the line we go.

This is a very happy memory for me as I sing it to each new set of 'swingers' in our home and is once again a treasure Simple Pleasure.
I am linking to Dayles Simple Pleasures for this post
Blessings to you and your homes,


Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Oh me too!!
I still love swings, Gae!
Can't wait to have grandchildren to push and share a lovely swing with!!
I spent hours upon hours gently rocking on the swing my dad made in our backyard when I was a child.
I invariably had a favourite book to keep me company, Little Women, What Katy Did, Ann of Green Gables etc.
Happy memories..
I have thought of asking my hubby to build one for me, you know!
Isn't it great how kids love the little 'nonsense' songs we invent to entertain them!
My boys still laugh at their dad's composition called "Don't throw the cat out the window!"
Such fun :-)
btw..the little nun ornament was given to me by my mother but I don't think she represents anyone.
I've tried to guess what order she might be but I'm still not sure lol!

Barb said...

Hi Gae,
Children of all ages and swings just go together like peaches and cream,Micky and Minnie,Donald and Daisy,and are just as much fun.
I have a grandson who loved his swing so much he would put on his raincoat and swing in the rain.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

sarah said...

Hi too I love swings and everytime we're at the park...I have to get on one. Great simple pleasure and great to meet you....☺

Anonymous said...

Oh it is one of my greatest pleasures...when I was little, living in Colombia, I lived near the beach that had a public park. It was lovely to stop by and just swing and swing to my hearts content :)

What a nice memory you have brought to my heart Gae :)


rox said...

Oh Gae I love that pic ! can you still fit a little one on your lap with that baby belly ☺
It sure is looking like fall has arrived for you there !
I think I might post a swing picture . You know one of my fav nursury rhymes as a child was the one about the swing ☺
Gae I mailed your letter on tues so let us see how long it takes being a pairie and an ocean away

Suzanne said...

I still love to swing too! Must be the little girl in us still:-)

Dayle said...

I can never resist the call of a swing. What a fun simple pleasure!

Sandy said...

"Swings" was a simple pleasure that I shared last month, and like you, I always go to the swings, too! Your post was so descriptive! Thank you for sharing!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness. This is a GREAT one!! The minute I read the title and saw the picture, I started thinking about how much I loved to swing. I used to swing with my kids just like you do. I could also be coaxed into a swing while on recess duty as a teacher for a few minutes.

I just this moment realized that it has been years. I need to go find a swing.

Thank you for this!

Stephen said...

Of course, even the Daddy in our family likes to swing, but being a little less co-ordinated I am the only one to fall off - and hey, I was just testing it that day at the Bluff in Devonport...yes, that was before we destroyed the old stuff, but the new playground I looked at this morning is going to be pretty cool I think - looks like 6 swings (we can just about run 1/2 the family at a time) - it has descriptions on the plans like "middle kids play area" - so where do adults like you and me go Gae, wherever we like - I think the huge rope climbing tree will be excellent for our kids.....and yes, you look so pleased and comfrotable with Arwen (in her dirty tights) swinging at Deloraine during Spring last year.


your mostly silent on your Blog, husband. XXOO

Sue Elvis said...

I just love your Simple Pleasures posts, Gae. They remind me that simple pleasures are all around us. We just need to stop and enjoy them.


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