Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Calvary Crosses...........

Corbyn and Saxon
Each year our children, and I too, look forward to putting up our 'Calvary crosses.'
Corbyn: who declared he was Jesus and Saxon who  is standing there to give you a perspective of the Cross.
Saxon is 1.8 metres (6 feet) tall and the cross is 3.7 meters ( over 12 feet)
These go on the top of our hill near our tank stand and are visible from down our driveway.

We would like to think that anyone seeing them will stop and reflect on the reason we have Easter.
It was interesting to see the next door neighbour watch us putting up them yesterday and I wonder if it gave him food for thought. He said nothing to us as we hammered and dug but stayed for a  little while watching.

I was REALLY very keen to get them as large as we could and so we chopped down some dead trees from our native bush. The girls and I were in charge of this as in the past we have had to keep getting the boys to get bigger ones, not that they did.
So I am really pleased with these ones as you can see they are fairly life sized.
On Good Friday the children are very keen to put a crown of thorns on the 'Jesus cross' and some nails into the wood with blood paint dripping down. We will also put on a 'scarlet cloak' as well.
Aren't children just adorable!!!!!!!
So we are trying to focus our hearts on the  'speciallness' of this week and not get caught up in the preparations.

Praying for all you readers this week as well, that the end of your Lenten journey's has been fruitful and you rejoice in the coming Easter festivities.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Sisterbrenda said...

Nice job I so enjoy your blog... I had a hard time to figure out where to post.. I've read so many thing here lol... Thanks for putting joy in my heart today.. Blessings..


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