Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Moran and Myffwyn ♥

Two special princesses who will share a birthday together today.
Who can they be?
Why it's Moran and Myffwyn together again.

It is a special day when you share a birthday but in fact you share so many things in your days that it is not surprising to see you celebrate this day together.

We hope you enjoy this day and all the surprises in store for you.

Two girls so close, so different yet the same
Two girls who begin with the same 'M' name.
Two girls who love and care for each other,
I know you will enjoy this time together.
As you grow in your virtues and gifts this year may your relationship with each other be a mirror of selfless love that you show each other and those around you.

We love you so much and pray you have a beautiful birthday today ♥


molly said...

Happy birthday girls:)

Jedi Knight Autumn Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girlies. :)


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