Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter Delights!

Today is the first day of winter and I enjoy mulling over the possibilities of this season.

First of all the thought of many indoor pursuits with the family~ board games and reading stories together.

I have thoughts of the girls with Rogan perhaps and  I knitting and crocheting together while we talk or listen to audio books. We so enjoy doing this and Winter seems to create the perfect atmosphere to do this.

I also see us doing more sewing together, even using the treadle machine as it is in the family room where the fire is for some projects together.

Of course Winter is the perfect time to finish our poor little Corbyn's quilt I have had started for some time. Our younger girls are learning to crochet and I think they will like being part of this domestic circle too.

The warmth and comfort that is possible after brisk walks outside as we come back into the welcoming atmosphere of our home and some warm drinks of tea and hot chocolate is a pleasure I never tire of. I  am also envisioning warm and hearty meals that speak Winter: soups, stews, breads of different varieties and puddings. Not to mention the ever essential pot of porridge to start the day with.

Our little ones are especially lovely to cuddle up with and read and tell stories with or watch play in the same room as we come to the end of a busy day that can now be lit more beautifully with candle light and  lantern light to create that atmosphere of leisure and warmth.

To start the season of there can be no more inspiring music than Vivaldi's -Winter to share with you, even if we don't have the beautiful snow scenes to enjoy for 'real.'

Blessings to you and your homes,


Leanne said...

You have some lovely ideas. We are doing similar things with using and fireplace for cosy reads sewing and spending time. God Bless

Kara said...

We are entering summer...but one of my closest dear hearts is over in Australia...entering summer.
I love reading your post because I feel the connection...

Kara said...

Meant that she's entering winter...
Which is crazy to wrap my brain around...but that's in part why your posts mean so much to me :)


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