Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast 2011

This year we are behid the times with our celebration of this feast day and sadly I really was only able to mange the food side of the celebraion at that.
All my ideas for creating a  hand painted t-shirt or wall hanging are simply that still ideas and not creations.
As we had our guests arrive this week we have been busy creating a welcoming environment for them to come to, you know cleaning and tidying. So we were very behind and then Anna-Lisa wnated to share this particular feast day with us so here are a few pictures from the wonderful food.
We actually put this together in fairly quick time. I had many helpers and it was very sweet to see the younger children remember things from past years now and want to help prepare the menu items.
A plate full of all the goodies to be eaten along with the heavenly punch.
A close up of the food items that represent parts of the 'story' of this feast day~
Heavely Roses Punch
Juan Diego's Sombrero
Tepayac Hill
A Mantle of Stars
Crescent Moons
Supporting Angels
Praying Hands
The Tilma of Roses
Bishop Zumarraga's Miter
Crushed Serpents
For desert we had our  "Build me a Church"  and some "Aztec Hot Chocolate"
For more information on this special tea visit Alice's blog for full details

I love the fact that Moran and Myffwyn when finishing cutting up the strawberries and stars both had to take a photo of them, too cute.

So there you have it our very brief tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Elise Hilton said...

I stopped by your blog after seeing your post on Jenifer Fulwiler's article. Lovely! You obviously have a passion and gift for homemaking - I'll be stopping back again.

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