Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Day of School, First Day of School..................

We have officially started back to our studies for 2012. We really had a very nice break over the summer holidays but it really gets to the stage when the children, especially the older ones need some more structured learning every day.
 Yes, guess who has 'officially' started this year? That is right our full-on dynamic, never sit still Corbyn. This is going to be a fun year for him, I just hope I can make it interesting enough to grab his attention.
Arwen thought she should hold up the blackboard sign  for all those who probably did not know that this day was the start of another academic year. Hey, kids did you get that yet?
Well we started out slowly with some reading aloud of a few new books: The Journey Begins (Road to Avonlea Series, Book 1)  as well as Bush Boys: An Outdoor Adventure and the A B C of Camping and The Cabin Faced West. I am actually getting them to do more narrations in both drawing form as well as oral  forms.
While the other younger children were working I managed to snap this one of Arwen 'reading' like a big girl.
Of course the day for Corbyn would not be complete with out some form of physical activity. So Scooter riding is just the thing even if it is raining outside.
While reading aloud I have reintroduced the playing with an item to keep your hands busy. So we had some little people have a toy to play with for the reading aloud. The trick with this is to have it chosen BEFORE we start and they each have their OWN individual toy or if the same thing your own particular choices.
This was some of the mess that needed cleaning up after read aloud time..............
On the second day of lessons poor Vellvin sprained her ankle very badly on her morning walk and so had a few days laid up on the lounge to recuperate. She was very diligent though and continued with her studies.
It is a constant reminder to me that little children learn through imitation, as soon as Arwen saw Vellvin all stacked up with her books with her leg on a pillow she started limping around with 'her sore leg' and had to be looked after in the same fashion.
I just love it when we as a family, or most of us, share the same series of books. Over the last few weeks one or more of us have been enjoying The Hunger Games Series. It was interesting to see Autumn and Saxon sitting together reading the same series.

So as we are part way through our second week of 'structured learning', the time travels so fast, we are settling into their new routine of learning and thoroughly enjoying all that comes our way in the way of knowledge!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


maria said...

Yes, it does! Right now we are on a new schedule, with going into its third day, is moving along very nicely. :)

Thank you for sharing your days with me today Gae,


Erin said...

Wishing you a wonderful new year rich in learning opportunities:){{}}

Sue Elvis said...


You're reading the Bush Boys! And you have rain just like us. What a wet summer we're having.

I look forward to sharing our experiences of another year of learning.

God bless!


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