Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Patchwork Quilt

When Corbyn was  a baby I started a patchwork quilt for him so that when he was ready for a 'big boy' bed the quilt would be ready for him. Well I started well and then got fairly distracted, by what I don't even remember. Then of course we were expecting our little Arwen and then Trahaearn.
In between I did a little  in a couple of bursts but still had just under half the rows to sew together.

Over the Christmas/ Summer Holidays I finally found the quilt top again  (um, yes actually I had forgotten it as I had tidied up the sewing area). So I managed to finish the top part of the quilt.

As I have not got the backing or wadding I need I have decided to put it on our little guys bed anyway.

He was sooooo very excited to have a quilt like his bigger brothers now and did not seemed concerned about the fact it is still unfinished.
However I really want to get it in a completed state before the weather gets colder. Hmm, we will see how I go with that one!

I was a little ashamed of myself when Myffwyn asked why she and Moran had bought ones instead of home made quilts like all the other kids. Our older three girls have quilts I made as well.

My reasoning has been and still is I was waiting to see if Arwen was a little girl, which she is obviously, so I could buy the fabric together for the three younger girls quilts. The older girls have a  panel the same and differing shades and style for eh contrasting pieces. So I guess I will be looking for some more fabric before too long for my little girls as well.

There is nothing like children to keep you on your toes!

On my horizon I see another round of quilt making that I actually enjoy when I get started, it is the getting started and keeping on, without getting distracted by other projects that is the killer for me.
Oh did I mention I still am working on Trahaearn's hand print cross stitch and his name cross stitch, and I bet he would like a quilt in the near future too.

I don't think I will ever get bored...do you?

Blessings to you and your homes,


Neen said...

My poor kids don't have anything like that made from mom. I am not good at any kind of sewing. Finished or not the quilt looks wonderful and holds a special place in the hearts of your children. What a gift.

Trish said...

Gae it's gorgeous!
No wonder he's smiling so big and happy lol!
Well done!
I love quilts too, but I've never made one yet.
I need to hurry up and get stitching :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words today over at Lily-Rose Cottage!
I knew you would relate to how I was feeling.
Gae please go ahead and link-up if you still want to today.
It would be so nice to see you there, as you've been such a sweet blessing to us all with your lovely contributions!

As for info on the LOH..you could follow this profile over to my 'prayer' blog and check out some links on my sidebar if you like.
At any rate the Universalis site is very handy if you want to start praying Morning or Evening prayer.
much love and blessings to you dear Gae!
Trish xx

Anonymous said...

OH, I love it. I love patchwork quilts!

Funny you should post about this. I was just straightening my sewing things trying desperately to make a little corner for my sewing and I found Nature boy's quilt pieces I began 7 yrs ago...so embarrassing. I really need to get that done.

Cinnamon said...

I love quilts. When I find one at a thrift store and only pay $5 for it I always wonder about who made it. Who put hours and hours into the beautiful quilt that adorns my bed now.

You bored? Never :-)



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