Friday, February 3, 2012

St Brigid Celebrations 2012

Eden's colouring page she drew for us
The celebration of St Brigid snuck right up on us as we had just started back to our regular lessons for the year this week. After a long Summer break we are excited to be back in the organised learning phase.
However as we had not time to look at anything new this year, or the chance to get materials either. Our day consisted of using what we had to great some memories for the favourite feast day.
The first thing we started to do was to colour in some pictures while I read aloud Saint Brigid and the Cows 

Brigid's Cloak

We used Eden's colouring page as well as  St Brigid that Charlotte has shared. The children also coloured in the Celtic knots that I have on my planning page
As the reading took quite a while we started to have a jumpy three year old and Corbyn stayed  for most of it which is a good effort for him
While we were doing other feast day activities Autumn was doing puzzles puzzles with little Arwen and then a very bouncy Corbyn wanted to join in.
Vellvin actually cam up with the idea to make St Brigid Paper Dolls (she was couch bound after spraining her ankle the day before). Rogan individually drew and coloured in the dolls, each one different and cut them out for the younger children.
I wanted to create a blue cloak for her to wear that the children could take on and off. So based off the picture book above Brigid's cloak I found some blue tissue paper,
cut it out with a slightly rounded end on one end, crumpled it up and got the younger ones to put some starts on the cloak.
Then I simply twisted it on in place at the front and held it with another sticker.
A view from the back.
As is tradition we made Irish Soda Bread (recipe on this post) and interestingly again Rogan was the keen participator of this activity.
Here are our little ones putting stars on the paper cloaks.
Our line up of St Brigid Paper Dolls
These are close ups of Rogan's Paper dolls

The two St Brigid peg dolls I have made for Autumn (left) and Arwen (right) for their birthdays. They let us borrow them for this feast day.
Eden making a St Brigid Cross from the sags (sharp wild grasses) we have on our property. They were difficult to work with as they do not roll or bend easily.
So not to be discouraged we looked for another medium to make them with- our solution from something we had on hand was.....wait for it....
The Jute String St Brigid's Cross
Our Bookcase display
As Rogan was setting the table he ran off saying he had a brilliant idea, and came back with these Schleich cows from our collection of these toys.
As we were unable to go out to get food or supplies for this feast day (lack of a car) we looked as I said for what we could use at home. Hence, the fact that it was just before shopping day as well meant, well not much to choose form in the larder.
As we thought about it we decided we could make home made wedges: potatoes are great Irish food right, with sour cream; representing the dairy of St Brigid's early years and sweet chili sauce (with no relation to Ireland at all)
The beverage of choice this evening was more dairy: milk shake, chocolate of course with yet more dairy, cream.
Our completed soda bread was the last item on our agenda and  we even had left over  for morning tea.

Just remember that the tradition of celebrating Saint Brigid’s Day was often focused not only on the saint herself but also on cattle and dairy ... of which Brigid is the patron saint.

I know I always can't resist looking for new ideas so here are a few new ones~
*  new links for making Crosses and this one Crosses- easy to see
* Irish Ideas- like a unit study (not sure how good this one is as I have only just started looking at it)

Blessings to you and your homes,


maria said...

How wonderful that you were able to still celebrate and become quite creative with your meal :-)

Thank you for sharing Gae,


Helenrr said...

Lovely, especially the interaction and ideas such as the paper dolls! They are quite charming. The food looks yummy too. :) Helen


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