Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Midnight Feast - Christmas Catch-up 1

On this New Years Eve I am looking forward to the relaxation that comes from after Christmas and the January holiday time for us.

So I am starting my Christmas Catch-up series here:
Starting with the Midnight Feast
We changed our Advent candles for  white candles and set the table with all the cookies and cake we had baked during Advent.
I prepare the Egg Nogg and we put  a small sampling of each cookie or cake out on the table ready for when we return form Midnight Mass and before we put the Christmas Bags out ready for the presents.

So here is a list of the cookies we made that we eat. We also get fresh stone fruit for our feast and this is a special feast as we do not have lost of stone fruit at once, as much as we love it.
Peppermint topped Fudge and Lebkuchen (recipe)
Speculaas we do another batch of these after the St Nicholas ones as they are very popular
Gingerbread cookies our recipe is here
Coffee Balls (recipe to come)
Yo Yo's and Custard Creams
Shrewberry Cookies (recipe to come)
Shortbread and  Tasha Tudor Sugar Cookies
Plums, apricots, red grapes, blueberries and cherries
Our Christmas Cake, finally cut for the feast. This is a very favourite 'licking' mixture and the cake is a lovely moist fruity cake with a taste of port within  The children tell me that this is the best one ever, with just the right amount of port flavour. Mind you I am sure they say that every year.
White grapes, nectarines, peaches
Rogan made this stollen for the first time this year. He was most diligent with it and it tasted quite nice.
The kids love these Corinthian sticks we buy for the feast each year. This is the only time of year we buy these

Strawberries...yum, yum
I forgot to take a photo of the Egg Nogg and all I can show you is the empty bowl.
A view of the Christmas Fruit cake. Isn't it lovely?

And so our children come home and we have our annual Christmas Family photo and then tuck into the goodies we have been preparing before putting out those bags and then going off to bed.

Looking forward to sharing all that I have not had time to record.
Have a blessed New Year and a Very Joyous 2013

Blessings to you and your homes,


Deanna said...

such a wonderful feast, and a wonderful time of the year with a centered focus on the birth of Jesus.

Looking forward to the recipe of the Coffee Balls:)

Kelly Casanova said...

What a wonderful feast! The fruit cake and coffee balls I'm particularly interested in :)
God bless


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