Thursday, April 18, 2013

Corbyn's Birthday in Collage ♥

Last week we were getting ready to celebrate Corbyn's 7th birthday. Here I am  a week later doing his celebration post. Oh well, life is very full and I am blessed to be able to live it to the fullest!!

Our children love to see their birthday's in pictures and the little write up I give them and I think it is a lovely way to keep a record that we can look back on as they grow. For they grow so quickly as something that you always thought you would remember gets lost in the new and interesting things that the children do now.

So for Corbyn's Birthday we had~
BREAKFAST: Coco Pops, Fruity Loops and Nutrigrains.
Did I mention that the children get to choose the food for the day and Corbyn being only 7 has not worked out that he and his siblings do NOT go well on this high grain high wheat food.
LUNCH: Party Bags consisting of
Jelly babies, Freckles, Fantales, Skittles and Gummi Bears (again I just am not sure what to do with this as it is a tradition that dates back forever)
DINNER: Apricot chicken, rice and peas/beans and carrots.
CAKE: Pirate Cake-  however up until the day before he was going to have a number 7 with spiders.

Since Corbyn is the youngest without and MP3 player we decided to give him one for his birthday as  the children listen to audio books while doing individual jobs.
We also got him a lovely knitted jumper for Church and Pajamas (as he  needed both) as well as some exciting needed socks.

Hard as it was to find (limited toy shops) I did find him  a 'Jessie Doll' to match the Woody her has had from some past birthday.
The really interesting find that he and his younger set of siblings enjoyed playing with was a $15 giant packet of plastic, yes plastic,  pirates and their ships and accessories.

The special thing was he now has working older siblings and they bought him some gifts too which I think they love being able to do as much as  the younger kids love receiving them- the joy of giving is a wonderful gift.

Corbyn certainly had a very exciting and full day and at the end of it he was plumb tuckered out and emotionally drained which led to this happening at the end of the day.......just about melts my heart.
How I love this little guy........
BTW I am planning on the Label and Header tutorial I mentioned in my last post as my next one so please stay tuned!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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