Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Moran ♥

To turn Eleven is such a big thing I think and this year has seen much growth in our sweet little girl. In fact it seems hard to think of her as little any more as she has developed so many life skills this year and has become quite  young lady in so many ways.

I see her joining in with the older children more and being part of the more middle children crowd.
She grasps the jokes and word plays the older kids participate in and can hold her own with them.
She is quite content with her own company for hours but then needs some social activity with others and lots of snuggle and one on one time too.

One of the funny things about our Miss Moran is the hilarious lines that she comes up with that then get taken up by the rest of us and some of them have indeed become part of our family culture.

She can chatter non stop for hours it seems, just like her biggest sister used to do.

The older she gets the more she surprises me with her intuition and her ability to be not worried or put out by things which I have seem other children in our family react to.

She continues to be both a blessing and a joy and I pray that your birthday sweet girl is a most beautiful day for you.

All our love always,

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday Moran{{}}


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