Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rogan's Birthday in Collage

As I mentioned we finally celebrated Rogan's birthday and it was certainly a day he was anticipating.

Mind you we all stayed up way to late the night before and thus he had to wait for everyone to get up so he could open his presents.

This was the first birthday that Rogan actually asked for the majority of his presents to be BOOKS.
I cannot tell you how exciting this is to me. All our really keen readers have asked for their favourite family books we own to be bought especially for them, to have their own copies.

And again I am so thankful that Book Depository not only has books cheaper than I can buy locally but has free shipping to us. Whats so great about that?
Well of course you can get more books for your money and that is always a huge plus.

One of the other most popular presents was a tent bought for him by his brother and sister with their own money. He had been wanting a tent of his own for a while and so they got it for him.
Needless to say he wanted to sleep outside in it that night, even though it was a very cold Autumn night.
The next night was not quite as successful as he did not like the rain that was pouring down so in they came in the wee hours of the morning.

Again the other great present were the three chickens he bought for himself with birthday money from his grandparents

Favourite food for the day:
Soaked Irish Soda Bread for Breakfast
Curried Gluten Free Sausages for Dinner with Soaked Rice
Birthday Cake was  a design he made himself based of The Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit.
Party Bags: most uninspiring in my opinion I cna't even remember what they were. Maybe fantales,  sherbies, other chewy lollies, licorice allsorts and a couple of others.

After waiting for his special day I am certain that Rogan had a most enjoyable and rewarding day.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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