Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ginger Bread House Decorating

 I know that we are past Christmas and starting to move forward into the New Year  but I just need to (for my own sake ) to share these moments that we have each Christmas season.

I know even just looking back to last year and seeing how much our little ones have grown up that it is important to record these times, just for my own joy.

Each Christmas Eve we decorate our Gingerbread House.

This year we had quite a bit of illness prior to Christmas and luckily we had the dough all ready to go for this event.
Due to the fact I was sick myself and I usually am the one to do the dimensions for the Gingerbread House, this left Autumn as the only older person left able to start the house.

As she wasn't sure how I decide on dimensions she found an online pattern for a small Gingerbread house and decided to make a little  village instead.
She made the houses and they were ready for Christmas Eve even though we were not all as enthusiastic as usual the little ones still wanted to decorate them.

So as usual we divided up the lollies and gave some to each child or team to decorate as they wanted.
It is so sweet to see how each child will use their stash of decorating items to decorate.

Consequently we had  a mini village ready for the Midnight Feast just like usual.
I love that the traditions we have made over the years are so important to the children.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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