Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Arwen (aka Fancy Nancy)

It is a special age; the age of five for a little girl. Our youngest little girl- how can she be this big? Too quickly, too quickly, yes and again too quickly has this happened.
Our little Arwen has been planning her birthday for some months and for quite some time she has wanted a Fancy Nancy birthday.
These are very popular books in our house with just about everyone and I think the main reason she wanted this type of birthday was the  cupcakes she saw Fancy Nancy making in one of her books as it was read to her recently.
Our littlest girl is very much adored by all in our family and she is such a delight to mother. She is very enthusiastic about all things and her favourite thing to say is "I just want some.......time" insert Mummy or other favoured sibling of the day.

Oh yes she can definitely have a favourite person to spend the day with. In the above photo she was the princess and Myffwyn and Corbyn were her servants, lol.
She has such a bright and happy soul that truly does bring much joy to our lives.
Of course she can be a glamour queen as well as being quite content wallowing around in mud and lifting wood and such non glamorous pursuits.

I am really looking forward to this year as she starts her learning in a more formal level.
I am sure she will truly thrive with this.

So the Fancy Nancy Party............

Consisted of lots of pink, bling, dress ups and party food. Not to mention lots of decorating cup cakes and fun times.

I made quite a few Fancy Nancy items the night before that she was very happy with and loved especially making the Fancy Nancy Pen.

So as we start the birthday season here I am thankful for this little girl and the joy she brings to our lives each and every day.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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