Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The New Year and some Reflections on the past year

For some years I have been intrigued by the thought of the theme of choosing a 'word for the year'.
A word that would embody what I was aspiring to for the year.
However every year I could not choose just one word that could describe my thoughts on where I felt I was being led.

This year I have contemplated and decided that just one word is just not for me.
I am comfortable with he thought I need to express myself in a little phrase rather than a single word.

Thus FAITH, JOY AND PEACE will be the hall marks of my year.

Why these three words?

I think I need to preface this by saying I think last year was one of the hardest we have ever had in many ways.
We have struggled since we moved to Wagga with the cost of still having our house in Tassie and the fact we had difficulties (to say the least), with our two lots of tenants, which left us with not only physical fixing up of house house but much financial and emotional stress crisis due to these people.

This after trying to  sell our still unsold house for so many years and the stress of the burden we are trying to over come with the financial crisis,  has  I think has left me with quite disheartened and feeling a feeling of helplessness and wonder if our lives will ever be anything like normal again.

I don't like to focus on the negatives in my life either on line or in my actual home life and family circle.
I do have a very positive and generally happy disposition but I think our whole family was impacted by some of the blessings  well struggles that came our way last year.
There were other significant things we had to deal with that also affected the way I interacted with my family that I pray will not be so significant this year.

Of course we had some wonderful family memories to add to our personal 'archives' but overall the feeling of stress and dis-heartedness  certainly affected our family circle.

So this year these words will be my focus on how I deal with those opportunities that come my way- both positive and negative.

This year I will respond with Joy in my heart, on face  and in my actions, certain of the peace that comes from the Faith I have in God's overwhelming love and care for me.
Through this attitude I pray I can be a blessing to the rest of my family and be prepared to help build strength and character in each of us while maintaining this spirit of Faith, Joy and Peace in those most precious to me.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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