Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ascension Plans 2014

This year we are attempting some old things and some new things for  our Feast Day Celebrations so here are my plans for tomorrow-
♥ Do this craft for the day
♥ Ascension Day colouring
♥ Ascension Day Colouring 2
♥ We make our own word search from this site often (I have already made three up ready - two for the older children and one for the small children)
♥ Cut out my Ascension Day cloud and either hang them up or use for copywork or wall hangings
Use bubble wands
Make kites and or windmills and butterfly mobiles along with parachutes

Ascension Foods and Drink-
♥ Using the traditional 'Spiders' for the children as the theme
Ice cream in the bottom of the glass and pour over the lemonade tinted with blue food colouring.
Watch the cloud 'ascend into heaven'
♥ White pasta (gluten free) with tomato sauce
♥ Cloudy Sky Sweets
♥ Lemon Cake with white cream fluffy icing
♥ Dove shape cookies

Blessings to you and your homes,

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