Friday, May 16, 2014

Easter 2014 - Making Easter Robins

Each year I make a little novelty for want of a better word that is Easter related for our home made Easter Baskets that are placed on the table to be seen first thing in the morning.
This year after reading The Easter Robin I wanted to make a Robin and help each of us think about sacrifice that is such a part of this story and portrayed so well as we went about our Easter Day.

So I drew up a little pattern (oops forgot to add that one to the photo's) of a Robin and then cut out the felt and spent quite a few hours sewing up the Robins (well into Easter morning actually...)

Each Robin was fairly quick and I developed a pattern and rhythm that helped speed things along, but when you sew several, say 12 of them at once (none for the children not at home this year, sorry) the time can pass very quickly. Especially when you have other things to organise as well and start to panic you will not finish in time.

I really do enjoy making these but so often leave it to the last minute, 'cause I totally have so much free time to do this in right? Still I do plan on continuing this tradition for many a year to come.

Anyway that for this year is our Easter basket novelty. Would you care to share what  you think of our little Easter Robin?
Sorry about the poor photography- neither me or my camera are very good at 2am :)

Blessings to you and your homes,


Eva said...

These are so cute. Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

They are sooooooo cute. Glad to know that people are enjoying crafting :)
Have a great weekend!
Much love
Liuba G

Simply Shelley said...

Adorable...blessings to you


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