Thursday, May 15, 2014

Easter 2014 - Paschal Candle Making

As it is still the Easter Season I feel I can still share my Easter posts that I have not had a chance to do as yet.
I know everyone is really past this by now but I just have to do it anyway, for me!
So feel free to click away if you want to (insert sad face if you do though).....

Each year I usually make a Paschal Candle for our family that  we try to light every evening during the Easter Season and for special occasions.
Now being totally honest that is the intention but sometimes we forget to do that in the business of those special occasions as we go about our daily tasks.
This year I actually remembered to make it early enough, unlike last year when I did not do it before Easter and so didn't bother at all.

I really am pleased with how it turned out and it is really easy to make.
This year again I thought I would share the easy way we make them.

Actually when I started many years ago I used to carve out the shape I wanted and them paint with oil paints.
Let me tell you  this way is much simpler and less messy (especially if you have little helpers)
So what do you need to decorate a Paschal Candle or any other decorated candle:
* A candle obviously
* decorating wax - we have had this box for well over 9 years and I tend to use it sparingly but still it lasts a long time and has many different colours
* scissors and or small cookie cut outs
* glue
* stick on jewels if you want some
Then just let your imagination run wild.
I roughly measure the shapes out and frankly I just eye ball it out when I am cutting, so you can notice variations in my straight lines.
You could use a ruler and measure but I don't :)
Cut out your shapes and then push them on to the candle using the heat of your hands to hold the shapes in place
Then using craft glue, glue on your jewels.
Perhaps you might have some stick on ones but I didn't and so used the glue and a paintbrush to apply the glue to the back of the jewel.
Then place your candle where you remember to light it daily during the Easter Season!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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