Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learning for our Younger Children

Typical School Day 2014: Moran Myffwyn Corbyn Arwen and Trahaearn

*Early Morning-
Read Bible
Private Prayers
Walk and  exercise
Daily Chores

*Morning Time/Devotions-
24 family ways
God’s Wisdom for Little Girls and God’s Little Book of Wisdom for Boys
Saint of the Day
Saint Book
Pray for the day (approx 30 mins)

*Circle Time-
Gathering Verse
Opening Verse and Light candle
Seasonal Verse
Seasonal Song
Scripture Verse
Seasonal Poetry
Read a chapter from Picture Bible
ActionVerses and Songs
Skip Counting and Times Tables with Actions (2 or three numerals)
Stories- Angel Food, Enchanters End Game, The Tale of Tiptoes Lightly and Fairy Necklaces (or equivalent books when finished)
Closing Verse
Candle blown out (all takes over an hour)

*Focus Time-
Reading with Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn with Me, Vellvin and Rogan. (approx 20 mins) – Arwen and Trahaearn doing their own table time activites to keep them busy
Daily Main Lesson approx 1 hour – History, Geography, Science, Nature and CGS
Daily Activity approx 30 mins – Baking, Painting, Colouring, Gardening, Craft
Maths- Oak Meadow and Maths Read Alouds (Together) 15 mins
English- Voyage in Language and An English Manual (Together) 15 mins
Faith- First Communion Reading and Sheets (Together) 15 mins

*Table Time-
Individual Work sheets : Weather, Clocks, maths,
Maths on Line
Spelling - from book
Dictation - from book
Copywork - from book
Daily Grid - God's LittlE Boy and Girl
Memory Work: Poetry, Catechism, and times tables  (up to an hour)
*Arwen and Trahaearn – focus time on learning to read ( ABOUT 20 mins) while others do Table Time
Also Funnix reading and maths and assorted Computer orientated learning programmes
Nature books
Alphabet Play
Cupboard Play

 with Read aloud and Credo, Choir and Poem Recitation (30 mins)

*Handwork- knitting, crocheting, work with our fleece

*Evening Routine-
Bible Story
Read Aloud
General Prayers (45 mins at least)

*Little ones up to Bed with a Candle
Tuck into bed say little prayer
Read a couple of little books or tell a story
Sing a song
Blow out candle (30 mins)

*Older kids-
Assigned Reading or other activities
Private devotions and bible reading

Blessings to you and your homes,

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