Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beatrix Potter Day

We had a most enjoyable day the other day  as we celebrated the life of Beatrix Potter on what would have been her birthday Monday 27th July.
As per usual we wrote up a plan of what we wanted to  achieve on this day and then proceeded on with those plans.
Our plans usually start with any books we have and setting up any displays to be visually stimulating
As Beatrix Potter was a brilliant artist we got out our some of our Art books and had planned on doing some watercolour painting and drawing outside but the weather was really horrible.
Did I say we love books?????
Arwen loves her little  Hunca Munca music box and has had it since she was a baby. One of our little Peter Rabbit's lost his jacket and I had to make him a little felt one.
Then we sat down at the table to work on the printed sheets I photo copied out of our activity books.
As we work some of us at least need to have a nice cup of tea.
I'm sure Miss Potter would approve!
I had mine in one of the few remaining Beatrix Potter mugs we have left while I read aloud.
Table decorations are very important to us and freshly picked wattle to draw and admire was brought in by a sweet little bunny
These will become the little display in the first picture
These are the worksheets I had already in my books which is just as well, as the Internet was down and we would not have been able to print anything out.
Did I mention the children wore their Easter Bunny ears for at least some of the day as they coloured in and played Peter Rabbit.
Naturally the children had to get out ALL the bunnies we own and Trahaearn sat himself up with a few of them as he watched the DVDs we own.
Our collection we have loved over the years. We had these on video originally 18 years ago.
Naturally we went outside to handle our bunnies and other animals before the day was over.
Eden made currant buns for tea for everyone, just like Mrs Rabbit went to buy when Peter was so naughty.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how we  celebrate one of our favourite author illustrators.

Blessings to you and your homes,
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