Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Just a Kettle!!

Do you have anything in your home that represent a part of your life that seems to fulfill a longing in your soul?
A longing doesn't seem to represent it really but a completion of your life expressed in outward possessions.
The kettle is such  humble representation of what I am talking about but it truly is a significant part of HOME and what this means to me.

"Would you like a cuppa?" is a term used often in our home.
It's the pretty much the first thing we say when guests arrive in our home as we welcome them in.

Having a  cup of tea or coffee for that matter is a way of spending time tgettting to know new friends and relaxing and 'chilling out' with old ones and family too.

It's the relaxing time at the end of a day that we can wind down with  a cuppa and just be at peace in the sanctuary of our own home.

I so love a kettle on the stove and it was one of my most treasured daily practices to have it on the go always on our wood stove in Tassie.
Since moving though and not having my wonderful stove I found that my favourite kettle had been relegated to a back corner in the cupboard and we started using an electric kettle Frankly though it just doesn't hold the level of 'homeyness' that the kettle on the stove has.

So while rummaging around I found the old kettle and put it on this gas stove top.
Sadly I'm not sure we will be able to use it often though as there just isnt the large available cooking space that wood stove had so..........

While I wait to have the same stove again I guess I will jus thave to take comfort in the fact that even without the wood stove and kettle atmosphere we can still enjoy the contentment of sharing a 'a cuppa' with family and friends with an electric kettle

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Emma said...

I completely agree with what you wrote. Thank you! - Danielle


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