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Just a little note that  I am working on this introduction page so please drop by  again later and say Hello

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.
I treasure each of you who visit and I hope we can get to know each other well.
Why not grab a cup of your favourite beverage and lets sit and chat and get to now one another.
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Now on to the nitty gritty:
We are a Catholic, Home Learning family who have many interests- some of which you will glimpse here in this space.
Books, imaginative fun, time outdoors, crafting of all kinds as well as sewing and fiber work are what make up our days together.

We made a move back to the mainland of Australia from Tasmania where we owner built a very large home on 5 acres that we are trying to sell.

So at the moment we  live in a rented home on about 2.5 acres and the challenges that come with that as well.

Here also I share our latest adventures with chickens, sheep and gardening.
Yes, some day we hope to own a small self sufficient farm and enjoy the fruits of our labour so to speak.
Oh the dreams we have for this and it seems we are now in the stage of being able to start this new adventure.

Our lifestyle is one of learning at home using opportunities to learn not only the academics but the value of relationships with each other and therefore with  the world in general.
Our style of learning is a mixed bag. We use a mix of Charlotte Mason as a backbone and throw in some of the various aspects we like form Waldorf, Montessori, Unit Study and Unschooling.
In fact I really don't know what you would term us.

I love spending any free time I have reading, cooking, researching for the next thing I need to learn about, cross stitching, patch working, crafting, sewing, working with wool and making toys for our children.
Seriously I have so many interests and tend to focus on one to the exclusion of all others when I am engrossed in that project or book. I don't think I am ever bored but I rately have time to do all the things I want in a day. Oh why can't the day be longer?

Now if you are like me you  may like to  put faces to names as I mention these character quite often.
The love of my life Stephen or as I often refer to him as My Honey.
Oh yes and that is me with him.
We have been married 29 years and have now each other since I was 11.
So I think you can say we have spent a large part of our lives together so far.
We have been blessed with 12 children here and two most  precious and missed gifts in heaven
Even so we still pray for another precious gift from God to be part of our family.

My role as wife, mother and keeper of the hearth (how I think this term is so all encompassing of what I believe my role is)   is a joy and privileged I never take for granted.
 Our oldest son Kynan who is 26 and has completed a Bachelor of Business in Farm Management and now works full time on a Dairy Farm as their 2IC
 Our next son Braedon who is 24  he is working full time and studying as well . He is  married to ......
 Anna-Lisa our dear daughter in love who is 21
And welcome to our sweet Grandbaby with his Uncle Trahaearn

                                                           Our heavenly babe 1992

Our first daughter Autumn who is 22 and also studying away at Uni
Our next daughter Eden who is 20 and has started Uni in away from home along with her sister.
Our third son Saxon who is 19 and also working full time as an apprentice draftsman and studying at home on his Associate Degree in Engineering
 Third daughter Vellvin is 17 and she studies full time at home 
 Our fourths son Rogan who is 16 and studies at home
  Our fourth daughter Moran  who is 13 and studies with us at home
Our fifth daughter Myffwyn who is 11 and also studies at home
 Corbyn who is 10 is our fifth son and has is on a lifetime to learning programme
Arwen who is 7 is our sixth daughter and is a lifelong learner too
 Our precious Trahaearn is 5 and is our sixth son and twelfth (living child) 

Each of these children is a gift we treasure each day and are the stars of the show in most all I share here :)

Our lives together are one filled with many opportunities to grow in faith, hope and love and for this I am truly thankful

God Bless


Unknown said...

Dear Gae,

I visit this site regularly after stumbling across it some time ago. It is so refreshing to read of your family. Your children appear to be so wholesome, a quality which is very lacking in today's young people. No doubt these qualities that shine through in your family are a result of devotion to duty from a humble and respectful wife.


Unknown said...

I've come across your site by accident and marvel at the old fashioned values. It makes me wish I could live there where it seems like a simpler life embracing the only things that truly matter in life......family, faith in God, love...... I live in the U. S. Where people seem to have lost appreciation for the simple life, where family, faith and friendships were the foundation of a fruitful life. I was thinking about these things when I came across your site. It has truly moved and blessed me. Thank you. My name is Deb. Need a new pen pal from the States?

Mrs. White said...

I loved reading this page about your family. Such beautiful pictures! You have a lovely family.

God bless you!

Unknown said...

My Dear Friend, our lives are rich in Gods Blessings for having met you and your beautiful family, you are in our prayers always.
God Bless.


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