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Charlotte Mason Philosophy ♥
 Remember each day to give yourself and your children three things:
1. Something to love
2. Something to do and
3. Something to think about.
Accomplish this and your goal of having well brought up children will be much advanced.

 Each day our children will 
 ♥ Pray and live the Liturgical Year
♥ Do meaningful work and serve others
♥ Read living books
♥ Experience beauty - through beautiful art, music poetry and literature
♥ Enjoy the outdoors - through outside play, exercise, nature studies and bush rambles
 ♥ Exercise their imaginations and creativity - through play, art and crafts
♥ Ponder, discuss and exchange ideas
♥ Receive focused love, affection and attention

Blessings to you and your homes,


Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

Beautifully said - I agree wholeheartedly! I pray every day that I can have my children back at home, but I have yet to see if that is God's plan. I am loving looking around your blog - and still have to get to the others! So glad I 'met' you!

Gae said...

Dear Jane,
Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment
I do hope you continue to enjoy visiting

Dakota said...

This is so succinct and inspiring! I am printing it off, pinning it next to my computer as a checklist each day for me. I want to remember what it is really important and not get caught up in what doesn't. Thank you!


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