Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Girl Bonding time

Yesterday the three older girls along with Arwen and myself went shopping. It doesn't sound very exciting does it, no. Well yesterday it was because yesterday we weren't going grocery shopping but CLOTHES shopping. Now normally this is an uneventful fairly tedious and frustrating event, partly due to the fact it is very hard to buy modest and pretty clothes for our girls but also the girls usually just aren't that interested in the whole thing.
This year it is different. The girls have decided on a style or two they like. Forties style, peasant/gypsy style and Little Women style time period.

As it was a public holiday here I thought we would hit the shops so to speak, expecting like any other public holiday they would be open. Not so.

We were all dressed up with nowhere to go, nowhere to go except that fabulous boutique K-mart.

Yes ,K-mart was the only clothes shop in the whole town open. Needless to say we were very disappointed as we had made a list of all the shops we were hoping to go to including the 2 second hand shops.

But, we had the most FUN time at K-mart. The girls each tried on a trench coat and another coat which they all liked. They tried on vests and cardigans, blouses. They added skivvies to their growing pile and we just kept on enjoying doing this together. Arwen slept nearly all the time and missed her 3 hour feeding she needs to get her weight gain happening. We decided definitely that we would have to make skirts of the different styles and any dresses that they wanted, as well as going to the only shop in town , another day to buy jeans that are not hipsters.

We then went to the accessories department and had a ball. The girls tried on berets, fedoras, engine driver hats and a multitude of scarves. Our trolley was overflowing with all the clothes. Now before you pass out imagining the cost, this was alway going to be a layby day. Some of the trolley was filled with clothes for Saxon and Rogan , who couldn't be bothered at all to choose specific clothes and Corbyn who at 2 is and only interested in 'Lightning McQueen' otherwise it's just clothes, and a whole lot of pink baby clothes for sweet little Arwen who hasn't had anything new from us at all. I adore baby clothes shopping and shopping for pink baby clothes is even better as there is so much more variety in styles to baby boys.

After all this we wheeled our trolley to the lay-by counter, big sigh of relief as we didn't run into anyone navigating the isles, and made several laybys according to each person. This took quite a while and the old lady behind us with her stack of 3 DVD's must have wondered what had possessed her to layby those paltry items today. It took about .5 hour to complete this part of the day and then we went to the front counter to buy some of the baby clothes and sox for me, exciting hey.

After this we indulged in some chocolate, Cadbury of course, yes I know it's Lent but that isn't one of my sacrifices this year, and breast fed the baby in the car followed by her special tube/finger feeding.

Considering we needed to go to the supermarket for a few essentials, you know, coffee, meat for tea etc, it was now 5.30pm and we decided to have Dominos pizza for tea instead.

I cannot say how much I enjoyed this special time with my daughters.

To just help each other with choices, to hang out together, to laugh together, these are the memories in our lives together that are irreplaceable and I will treasure the day we spent together always.

Thank you Autumn, Eden Vellvin and Arwen for a day to remember. I love you .

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Erin said...

I spent a day out with my only big girl this year and we had a blast! Sounds like a lovely time.


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