Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"To blog or not to blog " that is the question.

For quite a while I have been considering putting together a blog. I have enjoyed looking at other peoples blogs and thought, How do they find the time? Or I have so many other interests I enjoy doing I couldn't justify the time. I also had to decide that it would not take me away from my family and the things we do together. That the blog and on line bloggers would not have a higher priority than the role I am called to do here in my own home.
However over time as I have reaped the rewards of other people sharing their ideas and trials, their family life and faith how they combine all these things together and realised that I wanted to share my life and the things we do as a family.
Not so we can brag or say look at what we do but as part of a community that shares. In our world today so much is superficial. There are few people who share our Faith, our interests and are interested enough to share past the " Hi nice to see you " as we go to Mass week after week or to the various events we go to.

I wanted to share and learn from others as I cannot do in my own community, and so I decided I would blog and hopefully I would be an encouragement to other women and their families as I have been encouraged by them.

1 comment:

Erin said...

I for one am very pleased you have decided to blog:) Look forward to your sharing


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