Sunday, March 29, 2009


"I love fession" our little ones say. The ones who don't actually attend Confession but get to play on the School playground while the rest of us actually go to Confession.
With both Stephen and I having grown up in the Anglican Church and all our children up till now, have been Baptised, received First Communion and Confirmation in the Anglican Church there have been a few things for us to adjust to since our coming into the Catholic Church 2 and 1/2 years ago.
The major one has been The Sacrament of Confession. In the Anglican Church each week within the service we proclaimed a General Confession. There may have been the opportunity for individual confession just before Easter, but I think that was only in one of the Parishes we have attended over the years.
So even understanding(as much as we can with the small amount of preparation we received) the healing and Grace given by receiving the Sacrament of Confession it has been hard for us to do.
We have been receiving this on a regular monthly basis for about 6 months. Part of the hard part was to actually commit to monthly Confession. Perhaps this is not enough but it is a start for us and, we have been diligent.
Still I know I find it hard to list my own Sins and I have had to try and help some of the younger ones who especially get uptight about it.
I expect with practice it will get easier and then along with the little ones we can all say "I love fession".

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Jenny of Elefantz said...

Gae, I had my 1st birthday in the Church yesterday, and I have to stand with your littlies and say "I love fession". I love how close I feel to Our Lord afterwards, how transfixed I am before Him in Adoration.
Sadly, though, our Priest believes we should only come to Confession about 3-4 times per year.


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