Saturday, March 28, 2009

We did it!!!!!!!

I'm afraid our Lenten offerings and sacrifices have not been all they could have been so far this Lent. I could give excuses, very valid ones but wont.
However today being Friday, yea you all knew that before 3pm in the afternoon didn't you. Well as lightning struck at 3pm and I realised 'Oh no we're going to miss doing the Stations of the cross again' I made a determined effort to bring order into the afternoon and evening and do them.
I'm so proud. We did do the Stations. I have had everything on hand since the start of Lent. A stations of the cross box, Poster wall cards we made last year and the pamphlets for the actual Stations and the picture books.
We did achieve this (even with unsettled 2year old dynamo) AND we managed to do 4 Decades of the Rosary tonight, after having run into town again for Fish and chips(luxury) and picking up a DVD( we have been waiting all week to watch this: National Treasure 2) for after the Rosary.
So I feel quite content with our efforts today.
Some days it dosen't take much does it?


Erin said...

I know the feeling, I'd be feeling a huge sense of satisfaction.

Mary Lou said...

Gae you're a dynamo ! an inspiration. Wangaratta needs YOU ! (soon)


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