Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Table

Our Ressurection cookies -- the tombs are empty after a night in the oven.
Our family altar.
The stone has been rolled away and Jesus is Risen.
The Lenten bookcase is now the Easter bookcase.
The golden and floral ALLELUIA is on the bookcase and the Crown of Thorns is now a floral Crown of Victory.
The Lenten Journey is complete.( I couldn't find the exact link to this calender).
Part of the Breakfast table with the egg tree which has felted eggs instead of the painted ones we thought we would use.
Another view of the breakfast table.
We decorate the breakfast table for all our feast days and birthdays or any special occasion.
Close up of the Seasons Table.
The seasons Table.
The bags with the Easter chocolate. Cadbury is the chocolate of choice in our home, the children (and me too) would rather have quality over quantity. Not that there is a lack of quantity either.
The All Seasons Wreath with Butterflys and string eggs made like these ones.
Each year we fill the home made baskets I have made with Home made things.
I always laminate a book mark, the caterpillar that was made is now a butterfly(this year a felt one and the caterpillars were pipe cleaners), A booklet I made with a very brief story and pictures, felt eggs, and an Easter bunny made from this pattern, stickers and a small flower.
This is how each place is set up for breakfast.
Another view of the Table with the candle I put a picture on with candle decorating wax.
The Easter bookcase again.

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