Saturday, April 4, 2009


We are a family that does enjoy watching movies together. Finding family orientated ones that are interesting but don't go into forbidden areas (our family set ones) is hard.
We also like and watch a lot of animated films, even our older boys still really enjoy them.
We often quote lines from movies and put them into everyday situations.
This is quite fun and builds bonding time and memories as we all start to quote the same line at the same time.

So over the past couple of weeks we have really enjoyed the action, riddle solving and mystery of these two films.
In the first film once you get past the obvious historical inaccuracies of the Templar Knights and the Freemasons and just focus on the "Treasure Hunt" it is rally good.OH and a part where there is a question regarding the heroine "is she pregnant?" that just comes out of left field.
It is fast moving but suspenseful and only one little kiss to boot.
The second film is equally good and full of the same type of one line humour that we enjoy. Once again only a little kiss.

So if you are looking for action and humour you might grab some popcorn and chocolate and sit and enjoy the movies together.


mum2twelve said...

We LOVE watching movies as a family as well. And it is hard to find movies that we can all watch together! We have watched those two movies and should rent them some night to watch back to back over the weekend. Like your family we love to quote movies - although I am terrible at remembering lines.

Have you watched Princess Bride? Our 2nd oldest daughter LOVES that movie and when she did her thesis for her bachelors she did the Theology of the Body. We attended her presentation of her Thesis and I was standing in the back of the room with the current baby in my arms.
There stood Jenny looking fairly composed though I knew she was very nervous. She opened her mouth and said Marwedge is... and continued with a few lines that took me a moment to realize were from the Princess Bride. She spoke them as the character in the movies speaks: with a heavy speech impediment.
I stared at her wondering if she realized how she was speaking - was she THAT nervous?
Then she began to speak normally and explained why she had made those quotes. Suddenly it all became clear what she had been doing. LOL
I LOVE looking at your pictures of Mary and have thought of starting a blog that is just pictures of Mary with tidbits of information about the picture and/or Mary.
God Bless

mum2twelve said...

*the current baby should have read the THEN current baby. :-)

Gae said...

We have loved that movie for over 12 years and a few of the children do the same Marwedge speech as well. It's always a geat starter for some fun.
We also like Ever After and Lady Hawk which I think are similar type of movies.
Do you have many pictures of Mary. I just love them but don't know a lot about them.
I enjoy your blog by the way.
God Bless

Erin said...

We have watched both movies on your recommendation and really enjoyed them. I'll have to write down these other recommendations now too.


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