Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small Successes 12


1. Arwen gained 90 grams. I am told this is a success but I was hoping she would continue with some larger gains so we can stop finger/tube feeding and ALL that expressing. Well maybe next week will be a bigger success.

2. The children spent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday doing intensive cleaning of our very large home. I did not do any, I think this success belongs to them.

3. We had our traditional Passover meal tonight with prayer script that I got years ago form a friend. This is very Catholic in the prayers and ideas of why we celebrate this night. Then we went to The Mass of the Lord's Supper and arrived on time. Stephen and the two older boys participated in the Washing of the feet.
It was very thought provoking.

Well that's my take on Small Successes this week. For other small success stories visit Faith and Family

1 comment:

ViolinMama said...

How excited I get at reading your list that our Holy Thursday evening is still to come and we have all you mentioned to look forward to!!! Thanks for sharing your successes with us! Happy Easter!


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