Wednesday, April 8, 2009

For Erin -- Novelty Birthday Cakes

Ever since Kynan was about 2 I have made novelty birthday cakes for our children.
We have had these even when we did not have anyone else for birthdays.

We actually have quite a birthday tradition with party bags and other things.
The children have even organised their own parties for each other. We have had pirate parties and medievial parties, fairy and Hundred Acre Woods parties.

We are having another pirate party for Corbyn on Monday.

When I was talking to my dear friend Erin the other day I told her I still make novelty cakes for all our children (if they still want them.)

Some of the older children either prefer a special cake ie: pound cake with cream cheese icing etc or they design their own.

The books I have used in the past are
Women's Weekly Birhday cakes (this is so old I have lost the cover)
Women's Weekly kids birthday cakes ---this is a newer edition about 6 years old
Happy birthday --- Anna von Marburg
and recently Women's Weekly Party Animals

So here are a few of the cakes I have made since June 06 which is when we got a digital camera. So I can't show any of the older ones.
I hope you enjoy looking, we certainly enjoyed eating them.


Erin said...

Oh wow!!!
Maybe I should buy a book and try an easy one to start with.
I am totally impressed!!
Not too sure I'll show my children, they may hope for a decorated cake themselves.

Annelisa. said...

Gae, they are awesome cakes! we love the good ol' Women's weekly cake book too. Mum gave me a copy a few days before we were married ("i moved out"). I love creating great cakes for the kids and the excitement it brings when they realise it is all for them! So far we have had castles, crabs, trains, clowns, and "1's", this May (when Xavier turns 4) we will attempt a rocket if the interest is still there.

Erin, there are lots of easy but effective tricks to it all!


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