Saturday, May 9, 2009


Inspired by the lovely books here. I wanted to use similar for our own main lesson books for Moran's 'Serendipity' and Christophorus tour for her learning to read.
I asked Katherine about them. She is such a gracious lady and told me where she gets her books and how she put a lovely picture on them.
Living in Australia is a hindrance when wanting to buy lovely Waldorf inspired items. If I order them from the USA the cost is higher for 2 reasons:
1. The dollar exchange, our dollar being only worth about 75 US cents at the most and
2. The cost of postage is very high.
There are very few places who stock them and if they do it costs a lot due to 1& 2 above also.

So the solution in our family is to make what we can.

I am hoping to do a post on all the lovely WOODEN THINGS both Montessori and CGS and faith and seasonal inspired things Braedon especially has made.

Here for now are our little books which I think turned out pretty good, the children loved them anyway and that is all that matters.

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