Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Land Down Under to Marilyn

Australian Resources for Marilyn:
Here are some of the books I promised on Australia, they may not be what you want but....
Some of these are for older readers and some may be out of print. I do hope you are able to get some use out of this list Marilyn.

I certainly am using your Africa list for our Geography as well as some other ideas.☺

This certainly isn't a comprehensive list, and as I mentioned before Erin has her Aussie Book Threads site which is devoted to Australian books---her passion.

I certainly am using your Africa list for our Geography as well as some other ideas.☺

Picture books and short stories:
Snugglepot & Cuddlepie -May Gibbs( I personally don't like May Gibbs work , but she is VERY popular with many people)
My place - Nadia Wheatley & Donna Rawlins
A year on our farm - Penny Mathews & Andrew Mclean
To the goldfields! - Rachel Tonkin
The first fleet - Alan Boardman & Roland Harvey
Eureka Stockade - Alan Boardman & Roland Harvey
When I was a kid - Rachel Tonkin
Papa and the olden Days- Rachel Tonkin
Days with gran - Catherine Farthing-Knight
What was the war like grandma - Rachel Tonkin
Are we there yet? - Alison Lester
Wombats don't have Christmas - Michael Duggen?

These are most of our favourite picture books especially the ones by Rachael Tonkin, Nadia Wheatley and AlisonLester.

Nature books:
The story of the platypus - Alfred G. Milotte
Steve Parrish (Nature Kids sticker books etc)
Chai the Kangaroo - Pam Blashki
Ringo the ringtail possum - Katherine Morris
Possums in the roof - Julie Morris
The best beak in Boonaroo bay - Narelle Oliver
Two thumbs the Koala - Leslie Rees
Kurri Kurri the kookaburra - Leslie Rees
Shy the platypus - Leslie Rees
Australian Bats - Jill Morris
Australian Owls - Jill Morris

Through Children's eyes series :
Early Colonial Times - Anna Ciddor
The Squatters - Anna Ciddor
The Depression - Anna Ciddor
Victorian Times - Anna Ciddor
The Goldfields - Anna Ciddor

Other resource books
Southern cross series(Australian Bushrangers)
They live in Australia - Eve Pownall
The journey of Burke & Wills - max Colwell
The workboot series (cotton, wool etc)- Kondinin Group

Chapter Books:
Cousin-come-lately Eve Pownall
By Gravel & Gum (the story of a pioneer family)- Nancy Keesing
Southern Rainbow - Phyllis Piddington
Trim - Matthew Flinders
Stringybark summer - Judith O'Neill
Gully of Gold - Mavis Thorpe Clarke
The silver Brumby Series - Elain Mitchel
Dixon of Botany Bay - Vivienne Keely
For the term of his natural life - Marcuss Clarke
The Australian twins - Daphne Rooke
Seven little Australians - Ethel Turner
Riverman - Allan Baillie
John of the sirius - Doris Chadwick

Australian Authors who write books about Australia:
Ion Idriess's (the silver city, lightning ridge, the desert column, the cattle king)
Ivan Southall
Mary Claire
Eve Pownall

Australian Saints:
Blessed Mary Mackillop -
Derring-Do Mary by sister M. Margaret
Mary and Francis: A story about Mary McKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph by Eleanor Spence
Mary Mckillop died 100 years ago on the 8th August. There are major celebrations planned this year here. She was Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1995 and there is speculation to whether the final process in her cononisation will happen prior to 8th August or whether it will take longer for the final steps in the process of examination of the miralce required for this to happen.
I am by no means an expert in how this works.

Folklore & Poems:
Where The Outback Drovers Ride(stories,poems and yarns from the bush)- Bruce Simpson
The collected verse of A.B.Paterson - A.B.Paterson
The Book of Australian Ballads - John Anthony King
The Collins Book of Australian Poetry - Rodney Hall
Banjo Patterson is another Australian poet

Finding book: like Where's Wally-
Hunt with Hoo Roo (out and about)- Murray Van

The Silver Brumby
The Man From Snowy River 1&2
The Seven Little Australians
The Crocodile Hunter- Collision Course
Other Steve Irwin Documentaries

Comics books:
Footrot Flats (Stephen and some of the children love these, I personally don;t like them)
Also technically they are set in New Zealand but are very Australian throughout.

Steve Irwin(the Crocodile Hunter) From Australian Zoo:
Steve has many DVD's and I think you may get some of his stuff on the Discovery Channel(that is what I understand I am not sure)
He is(was, due to his deathin 2006) very knowledgeable about a lot of Australian wildlife particularly Crocodiles and reptiles.

People usually love him or hate him.
We love his enthusiasm and his character. WE have watched many of his DVD's. He is passionate about his work and we actually saw him in person when we went to the Australia Zoo.


Nadja said...

Hello, Gae! I will hopefully be following along with Marilyn's "world tour", so I am grateful for your Australia resources.

Six of our priests, the Fathers of Mercy, just returned from doing a series of missions in Australia. Fr. Tom Sullivan, CPM, just gave us a few souvenirs yesterday after Mass. They had a wonderful visit.

Marilyn said...

Yay - got on again!! This time i went through yahoo. I think it is the amazon pictures that are causing problems - not absolutely sure though.

thank you so much for this wonderful list - I will be linking!



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