Monday, June 29, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook-- Learning Days

A Simple Woman's Daybook 29th June

Here is the link to Peggy's who is having a summer break.

Outside My Window ...
Night: Cold Winter night, very still
I am listening to...
I am thinking and Praying about...
When we will get a buyer for the house and can be together again as a family.
The importance of relationships, especially those between Siblings.
Remembering to pray for all the people involved in 'Hearts for Home'
Story Sacks, Reading

To Live the Liturgy...
Look at all the preparations we wish to make for July.
To Breathe Deeply...
Hold onto the hope and faith that God is in control and all things that happen are for our good.
To be thankful for each moment and opportunity as it comes
Towards rhythm and beauty...
To be vigilant in showing my love and devotion to my family.
To be mindful of the routine we are trying to implement and help those who need help adjusting to it.
To start my own fitness routine programme. Remember Gae --do not overdo it☺
I am thankful for ...
Children who have been able to keep a fairly even take on life after our disappointment last week........again.
A Parish Priest who IS very good at Pastoral care.
From the kitchen ...
Sausages and rice salad
Apricot Bran Loaf for Morning tea- courtesy of Saxon
I am wearing ...
Blue straight skirt and 3/4 plum shirt with collar, tights and boots. Standard uniform.
Hair in pony tail and makeup.

I am creating ...
Chasubles for the CGS presentations I want to do and to use them on a more regular basis on our seasons table. These are coming along nicely.
Smocking a dress for Arwen while Eden learns to smock another for Myffwyn
Winter season table crafts
Hearts for Home Plans
Cross stitch for Arwen.
On my iPod...
Towards a real education ...
Implementing Learning routines and accountability
Continue Confirmation preparation with Saxon and Eden. For a future date
Remembering that our heart attitude and love of neighbour is far more important than academics in God's eyes.
Bringing beauty to my home ...
Soft, loving and patient voices and actions.
Being thankful for all I have.
To be a gracious wife and mother with a soft and gracious manner.
Just spending time with family, with my whole heart and mind and soul.

I am reading ...
The books below are still on my bedside table and I am still getting through them BUT I have been doing a fair bit of online reading regarding the Reggio method. I am pretty sure this is already the way we educate:
Mommy teach me
You are your child's first teacher and Pocketful of Pinecones
I am hoping ...
and praying about our situation.
That we will see a light at the end of the tunnel!!
To do all the things on my day book lists and Hearts for Home and this day book list.
I am hoping also that the Story sacks and having all the materials ready will make it easier to get through all I wish for the week in the Learning area.
Around the house ...
To make sure we are working on implementing the new chore, cleaning and school routines
One of my favorite things ...
When one of the children just comes up and says I WILL LOVE YOU THE BESTEST ALWAYS MUMMY
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
To do a post on Erin's visit here. I am so overwhelmed by all the excitement of her being here and recapping it, I am afraid to start for fear of not presenting it properly.
Oh, dear the week has gone by already I MUST do this, perhaps in picture form without a heap of writing after all......" A picture tells a thousand words"
Picture thoughts I am sharing are of:
Books and reading with children and children reading
This is a big part of the education of our children.Blessings,

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