Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Myffwyn.

Dearest little Myffwyn,
What a special little girl you are.
Those sweet curls and big blue eyes and a smile that says I love you too.
Our little pussy cat with pussy cuddles and kitten rubs, we all love to have these very special affectionate things that are just so you.

I will always love the little rhyme we made up for you when you were born.
"Myffy, Myffy we love you,
We are Blessed by having you,
2 pink lips and bright blue eyes, You're number nine,
Myffy, Myffy we love you, we all love you."

As you turn 5 today we hope you have a very special day with lots of love and happiness too.
Lumpy and all his friends want to say Happy Birthday too.
Presents and flowers for our little basket girl.
A birthday cake (Sunflower for real that I am making for you) is waiting too.
A bunny too I wish it were real, hopefully soon when we move.
I know a girl who loves lots of balloons. We will blow some up too let fly away today.
And of course some pussy cats too. Where would we be without our very own Myffy Pussy cat.
Have a great day love from Daddy Mummy and 'the Guys'

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