Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Bookcase display

As May is nearly over and I have not had a chance to show our May Bookcase display I thought I would do it now.
It took quite a while to get right as I had to wait for our 'Blessed Mary' to be cut out.
It wasn't on our display to start with due to a breakdown in machinery, ie; the jigsaw finally broke down. It has been used for so much since Braedon got it for the Christmas after he turned 10.
Our May Home alter has a Blue cloth in honour of Our Lady.
An overall shot of the display.
Left side of Bookcase. Still with the unfinised spot for the Autumn cut outs I am still hoping for (Please Breadon).
Right side with beautiful Mary picture we have all year round.
A fully painted 'Blessed Mary', for the second time, with darker blue paint. Baby blue just disn't look right. Saxon spray painted these, his first time at painting a display item.
Saxon sanding the letters. This actually takes a VERY long time and is quite hard to do smoothly. Great job Saxon, thank you.
The original cut out letters by Braedon, my ever faithful wood working, talented son. We would not have many of our wooden decorative things if not for him. Thankyou again, Braedon.
The books we had on display and in the basket to read during the month of May.

I hope you have had a wonderful and happy month of May. We certainly have had a very full month. A time filled with much happiness and thankfullness for Gods continual blessings and joy in remembering Mary our spiritual Mother.

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Erin said...

Very impressive boys, I'm determined to achieve this skill. Soon.


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