Friday, June 5, 2009

Hearts for me ♥

Do you have a theme that describes who you are to the world at large???

Are you a person who has a theme that describes who you are? Something that people look at and say , yes that is ........
Well I believe mine is♥♥♥'s
I love hearts. I have them in most of my decorating around the house. I have them in cross stitches, menu boards, balustrade railings, paintings, drawings and quilts I have made.

Obviously when choosing a Blog name hearts was somehow integral to that as well. When starting my weekly encouragement posts 's had to be part of the theme, hence " Hearts for Home" was created.

I don't know when I first started loving hearts as an integral part of who I am. I look at something and when I think home and family I think hearts.

The other signature items I have are: images of mothers, children and family settings any or all of these mixed together. Combine these with the colour pink, roses and butterflies and you have a picture that says me.

These are are few rambling thoughts I thought I would share about what makes me tick.
Does anyone else have the same themes and signatures?

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