Thursday, June 11, 2009

Small Success 21


1. Arwen had her FINAL weight check with the regular Baby Health nurse(not the midwife but another nurse) and she continues to put on about 65 grams per week. This is not at huge gain but seems to be her standard. The Health Care Professionals continue to use the word petite when describing her. How blessed we are that she seems to have finally reached an acceptable standard. We are so thankful.

2. I have manged to maintain my composure (except when questioned by my dear Honey) when:
a. the water had run out prior to the normal 6 day allocation and washing had to be postponed as well as baths,
b. The firewood situation is less than anticipated, and a load is not due till Sat/Sun,
c. The stove has to be shut down for at least 24-48 hours because the fire bricks have to be put back in with mortar that takes this amount of time to dry-- so we have to look at alternative cooking and heating arrangements,
d. The hot water pipe broke on the washing machine so we could not catch up on the washing (due to {a above} as well as the wet weather) and it is a perfect drying day.

3. I am well on my way to a new chore and cleaning routine. I just need to type it up and then start to implement it.

Well that's my take on Small Successes for this week. For other stories visit Faith and Family



Judy Dudich said...

Considering the description of the week's events in your home, I would say you need a new meme entitled:
"HUGE Successes" not small ones!
God bless you!

EChristyBA said...

your post made me grateful for the ease of my life this week. good for you not losing perspective in the midst of it!!

Kim said...

Our Elise is petite, as well. I find that a lot of people think she should be bigger, whereas I try and remember that her size is exactly how God made her and that everyone else needs to just be quiet. :)

ViolinMama said...

I echo Christy. You make me grateful for my week and I admire your resourcefulness! You are amazing!

Our baby is petite too, and I love it. she stays a baby longer!

God Bless!

Erin said...

Poor Stephen, laughing here because I could picture myself doing the same. Although I am sure you were much gentler than I.

So excited to hear my girl has put on weight.


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