Saturday, June 20, 2009

The start of our Winter Seasons Table

Since the beginning of June we have started to put up some of our Winter seasonal table and bookcase and seasonal display board. Due to the business of life at the moment we have not finished creating any of the displays yet. However that is part of the excitement, being able to see the different displays develop and change over the course of the season.

These are the bare winter trees that had some lovely Autumn coloured fleece not to long ago. The Sparrow Post is looking a little forlorn without the colour and Mrs Wren and Miss Robin do miss the foliage.
The seasons table with characters and articles from last year. We haven't made anything new yet, but I hope to be working on that soon. We usually place some Panae velvet on top of the table in the seasonal colour that appeals, this can change throughout the season.
This time we have a white organza over the blue panae velvet to give a shimmery, icy look. Behind the table we have placed 4 different winter coloured silks to gently drape behind, giving a soft seasonal backdrop to work with.

Beside our open fire place we have Mother Earth and her various companions. She resides in here year round. She is accompanied today by King Winter, Jack Frost his wife Jill and all their little frostlings.
Jack Frost and family were a birthday present made and given to me last year from Autumn. How talented she is!!!!
These are some winter cut outs (by Braedon again) to go on our seasons circle display on the bookcase. These are obviously new and haven't been painted yet.
The trees below I will just melt some bees wax and gently rub the warm bees wax into the sanded wood to give a beautiful finish.

This is a snowflake before it has been sanded. It is quite intricate and very hard to get into those small areas with a jigsaw but Braedon is very skilled. He has taught himself how to do this, and I have provided him with plenty of opportunity to increase his skill!☺
A few winter pictures drawn to start the creative juices flowing.
The seasonal display board with some of the winter themes already on.

The liturgical and seasonal bookcase with the winter cutouts painted (thankyou Autumn♥ ) and placed on the seasons circle display, along with the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts display and some winter pine cones we collected on Monday, along with one of our favourite winter books.. By Gerda Muller.
The seasons table with new Sacred heart and Immaculate heart prints. We love these better than our old ones.
We will be adding even more to these displays as we greet Winter and pass through one of my favourite seasons, and we may be surprised by 'who' we meet in our journey to add to the displays.

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