Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love putting things in groups.
This is the collection of the children's Baptism photos on the wall upstairs.
When I look at them I am always surprised at how similar the children look.
I also am very biased and think they look beautiful, handsome, cute....should I go on.
Indulge my boasting please.☺
Any guesses as to who is who?


Judy Dudich said...

What a wonderful idea!
Unfortunately, we have one poor daughter with no Baptism photo.
I had stayed behind with all the babies that morning...Dad had the olders (the HELPERS) at Mass...I was to meet them...but in dressing, transporting and watching over all the babies, AND the food which I was bringing as well...I forgot the camera...when my pastor said, "Judy?! You FORGOT the camera to take her Baptism photo?!?" I replied, "Well. yes Father, I did...but at least I successfully remembered ALL THE BABIES!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

I do this too! I have a baptism display and a first communion one. In my room I have another display with all the little ones as babies in black and white and then the older ones who have had their First Communion in color. Now have one going into Confirmation!


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