Friday, July 17, 2009

Making Birthday Items

Any one who visits here regularly would know I love making different items for our many celebrations.
So I decided I wanted a Birthday sign.

First I worked out how big I wanted it. It has to fit on one of the "Display" areas, so I made it 26 cm long.
The wooden stand is just a piece of Tasmanian Oak we had left over from building the kitchen bench top.

I then got a slot put in, this was only fairly narrow and was done with a hand saw. It could be done with a router much quickly.

For the sign itself I simply cut out some thick card board to shape. I nearly used timber, but we didn't have any narrow enough on hand, and I am impatient when I actually start to make something.

I then used Lyra water colours and used three different shades per sign, layering over the previous one. Painting is not my forte so I think that is how you describe it. I then let it dry.

I used both sides of the card board so I had 4 differing lots of colours, 2 Girly colours and 2 traditionally boy colours.
When it was dry I then decided to use Bees Wax crayons to write the words rather than paint them on.
All in all I was really pleased with how they turned out. Autumn was too and said "Why do you always think of these things AFTER MY birthday."
I think that means the children think they are lovely too.



Cindy said...

Sounds hard to me. Great job

Renee said...

Really enjoyed a visit to your blog tonight - HT to Totus Tuus Blogger. What a lovely family you have! Blessings;Renee


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