Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Home made Benjamin's Box

One of our favourite books for reading during Lent is Benjamin's box. We actually have the copy below which we bought in 2006.The children have loved it from the start when we got it. However when we first bought it, it wasn't associated with the Resurrection Eggs. I do not know if the story is different or the associated images are different but in the version we have Benjamin has a box that he puts small tokens in to remember Jesus and his own association with the life of Jesus.
Therefore we had put together a box of similar objects to read with the story.
We found a treasure box that we already had to be the Benjamin's Box.
Into the box we placed:
1. Straw that Benjamin's Grandfather gave to him from the manger when he visited the baby Jesus when he was a shepherd.
2. A piece of fur (leftover form making stuffed animals) as the piece of Donkey Fur that Benjamin's places first in his box.
3. A coin to represent Benjamin's denarius ( I keep having to replace this as the little ones love to collect the coins, therefor not in the picture).
4. We made a little sculpy cup to represent the broken cup found by Benjamin.
5. A twig to represent the broken olive twig that Benjamin picked up from where Jesus was praying.
6. A strip of leather to represent the piece of leather from the whip used to beat Jesus.
7. A piece of Blackberry Bramble to represent the thorn from the crown of thorns worn by Jesus.
8. A nail. Self Explanatory
9. A Dice to represent the gambling stone used by the soldiers when they cast lots for Jesus cloak.
10. A piece of cloth that Benjamin picked up from a bush- a part of Jesus Burial cloth.
11. A stone to represent the small part of the rock crumbled off the large stone that Benjamin picked up when he went to the tomb,
I hope this has been an encouragement for those of you who would like to enjoy this wonderful book to create your own Benjamin's Box.



Deanne said...

Hi Gae,
Yes the Resurrection eggs do match the book Benjamin's Box.
I couldn't find my copy of Benjamin's Box last Easter and despite searching high and low it still has not turned up. I have no idea where it could have gone. I may have to buy a new copy before Easter.
Your box looks beautiful!

Lisa Boyle said...

You did a lovely job with your box! God bless, Lisa

Unknown said...

I have done the children's sermon on Good Friday at our church using Benjamin's Box. My husband made me a crown of thorns from black locust branches. I used horseshoe nails because they look kinda old. My niece was in kindergarten and was able to tell me the passion story correctly at least 3 months after Easter. 😊

Lisa said...

We are using this, this week in our Sunday school class. We did this years ago for an Easter egg hunt at our church before the resurrection eggs were popular.


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