Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - 2

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on.
So for my first time at 7 Quick takes:

1. Well we are starting to have the "Colds Run". On Wednesday I noticed that Corbyn was out of sorts and when we went to the library the runny nose started. Of course now it is Friday every one, including Stephen who isn't even home yet has a cold.
Well everyone except Arwen, Vellvin and Me. Hopefully Arwen will not get it as little babies with colds are so sad.
Needless to say some of the children do NOT cope well when having the cold and tend to get a little antsy, leading to a higher level of intolerance within the ranks.

2. As mentioned, on Wednesday we went to the library and proceeded to get a 'few' books out.
Really we only got about 3 very packed shopping bags full. That is so good for us. Often we have gone to the library I can see the librarians cringe as they start to process the returns knowing that we will be bringing a whole lot of outgoings to be processed.
The best part is when we get home. There is always the fun of unpacking the books into the library box (we keep all our library books together, to avoid getting fined, I mean lost.)
This is such a joy to watch as the children discover the books they have brought home.

3. As I mentioned I was able to have my own computer arrive this week. It is so nice to use and have to myself ( so greedy aren't I). I have enjoyed putting on my own choice of background and screen savers and not to have a child's choice.

Not that I minded the Pirates of the Caribbean one or the Incredibles but I certainly got very tired of the Brahman Bull and the Kenworth truck pretty quickly.
So I am enjoying my Tasha Tudor Background and my favourite images floating across for my background.
Yes very self indulgent I know.

4. This week we made an executive decision to abandon our Indian Unit Study. The children had been very excited to start with but just didn't seem to get into it like they did with the Pirate one we did.
So we brainstormed, I think this counts as Reggio type learning, and came up with a few ideas. We finally decided to do a Spiderwick Themed Literature Study and wrote down about 3 pages of notes for ideas.
I still have to type the up as Lesson Plans and add the details of what we might do and I am still investigating some more ideas.
So if you have any let me know.

5. Braedon got his first English assignment posted off on Monday. Once again I am so thankful we home educate, mind you I think Braedon was too when he realised that this was the sort of thing that is presented in 'town school'. The assignment was so boring and seemed like such a nothing topic that did not seem to achieve anything new.
Any way he finished, got it in the post and started and other one. Good for you Braedon.

6. We pick up Stephen from the airport tonight. We drive about 1 hour to get him and sometimes we have a lot of children want to come and sometimes not many. Being this far is good for our Learner drivers as it adds up the hours pretty quickly.
Here in Tasmania, Learner drivers have to do 50 hours of driving time. We have 2 learner drivers and one P plater.

I never thought I would be teaching our children to drive.
When I think about it I am amazed that I am teaching them to drive and still have a baby to drive around with them. It is something I never thought about before with a large family that the older ones would be doing these things will we still had little ones.
Maybe some of you did but frankly it never occur to me before.

7. We are expecting to have a prospective buyer come and inspect our house on Sunday or Monday. We are trying not to get to hopeful while remaining optimistic about him being very keen and making an offer that we cannot refuse.
We would be very thankful for any prayers to further our cause in this so we can move on with our lives and be reunited in Wangaratta where Stephen works.

Well that is my first 7 Quick takes. For more entries hosted by Jennifer visit Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.



Debbie said...

Welcome to Quick Takes! It is totally addictive.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

My where do you get the energy! You should be proud of you accomplishments! Have a grand day! Cathy

Nadja said...

Hoping that baby Arwen dodges the cold! Nursing is so pathetic with a stuffed-up baby!

Gae said...

Guess what,
Arwen has got the cold, me too
God Bless

Erin said...

Don't forget to let me know what the prospective buyer thinks:)


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