Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small Success 29


1. I have been to bed earlier this week a couple of nights, due mainly to the fact I need to keep the little ones in bed and then I fall asleep. Leaving my planning behind .......but you can't have everything can you.
2. I finally got to finished my planning for "Enjoying the Journey through August". This is extrememly late I know but I still want to record my interests and plans for the month.
3. I have my OWN computer for doing all my own blogging and lesson plans on. So I do not have to wait for the other computers to be free. Hurray.
Thank you my Honey.
Thank you to my Braedon for cnaging everything over for me. You are a sweet heart.

Bonus 4. I ordered some books for the childrens lessons and for my self interest. I have been eyeing thes offf for a long time.
Once again thank you my love.
Well this is a boring list and I struggled to come up with these. So go and visit some of the more intersting Small Successes at Faith and Family this week.



~ Judy ~ said...

Great list Gae!!!
Your OWN computer!!!

ViolinMama said...

Congrats on your OWN computer!!! And what a great list. Your family is SUCH a blessing!!!

Jessica said...

What a dream come true to have your OWN computer... And isn't it so much fun to order books you;ve been wanting. =)

Loved reading your list... Sounds like a pretty successful week overall. Hopefully I'll have a chance to post mine after we get home from swimming.

Gae said...

I have been especially spoilt with the computer. It was begoming very hard with 8 people wanting the 2 computers though
God Bless


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