Friday, August 21, 2009

Loyal Friend & Visitor Award

My dear friend Erin has bestowed this lovely award upon me:)

This award is to be passed on to those who faithfully follow my blog, even when I post really lame things, and always take time to leave a comment. These followers have become my blogging friends and their support and kindness encourage me to keep on blogging. Thanks to all of you!

I was delighted to receive this award from Erin and now I am happy to give it away to some of the people who are faithful visitors and leave frequent comments here on Cherished Hearts at Home. I do really appreciate all the comments that are left, especially knowing how busy most of you are. I do treasured each and every comment. Thank you.

Of course as Erin and I 'travel' in the same blogging circles I am passing this on to the other people who visit and comment, that Erin hasn't already mentioned. ♥

and these from Erin's list already
Violin Mama
Aussie Therese

Thank you again. I do value and take to heart each of your comments ♥



Sweetness and Light said...

Thank you Gae, you're so very kind.

Many blessings,

EC Gefroh said...

Mahalo Gae for your kindness! I feel honored. God bless,

Therese said...

Oh Thanks so much Gae. I love visiting you here and reading about your life. Thanks also for all the comments you leave at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Thank you so much for the award. ♥ I enjoy reading about you and your family, and your everyday life.

I hope that through our blogs that we can be an encouragement to one another and help build each other up.

God bless you,

Jessica Gordon said...

Thank you Gae!! You and Erin are both so sweet!! I enjoy visiting as well as your own visits and comments, THANK YOU!!!!


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