Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday 3

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on.
Or for this week 7 random things that spring to mind!

1. We all love to make Arwen giggle. There are so many things we do to make this happen.
Every one has different sounds or actions they do that are unique to the person that we do to make her giggle.
Everyone tries to get her attention.....leads to some very noisy competition

2. This week from Monday to Sunday I made a menu and a shopping list to meet this.
For breakfast we have porridge and cereal for those who don't eat porridge.
Lunch is always sandwiches with spreads and salad
Dinner- Monday: Chips butties and gravy.
Tuesday: Fish Fingers, Noddle Dreams and carrots and peas
Wednesday: The plan was for Stew with Yorkshire pudding and bread rolls but due to
the fact we did not get home from the hospital with Moran and then was to tired to do
this so we actually had Pasta with cheese
Thursday: Spicy chicken with baked potato topped with sour cream, coleslaw, bacon
and cheese and Broccoli
Friday: Pumpkin Soup with bread rolls
Saturday: Home made meat pies with potato bake and salad.
Sunday: Rissoles with rice salad and veges.

3. I love how our children are so creative. This week they got Saxons camera he got for Christmas ( not an expensive one) dressed up and filmed a short play. They did this when looking for something to do together as part of keeping the little ones busy.

4. Kynan has his birthday towards the end of next week. I have been contemplating the difference it is to have son in his twenties instead of the teen years.
Obviously he is a young man but it sounds so much older than before.
There is so much to look forward to for him as he pursues his own ambitions and career.

5. I usually love Winter, it is my favourite time of year along with Autumn---I can never quite decide and am sad when it ends. However I can honestly say that I can't wait for Spring and being able to start a fresh with some projects and creating seasonal items as well as the notice board.

6. I am really excited about planning the Little Women plans for our older girls. For so many years I have wanted to do this and seem to start to make plans but never do anything about it.

I am determined and I do think planning on the computer is very good for me.
I am such a visual person I NEED the pretties that are so easy to make part of the plan on line as opposed to the paper planning I have done for so many years.

We are brainstorming the types of things we want to include in it and have decided on a title (we think) "Orchard House Circle" as we are trying to capture the warm atmosphere that is in the Home of the "Little Women Girls" as they prepare themselves for the future God has prepared for them.

7. As much as we have for so many years tried to live the Liturgical year within our family I must admit that I find this to be harder to do with Stephen away.
Perhaps you think it should not make a difference and as much as I try to deny really does.
The focus of our family is different. So much time and effort is put into the preparation, planning and just enjoying Stephen when he is home that I often forget the day and so the Liturgical year day that we have been anxiously awaiting is upon me before I know it.
Then as we prepare for him to go we are trying to fit so much in as well as the regular chores and events that happen normally.

So I was very pleased that I had plans ready for today. I need to prepare these far in advance. I also do recognise that this only works for me if we can have relative ordered existence (which it often isn't).
Of course having the plans ready does not even guarantee that we will be able to achieve those plans....such is life!

So as much as I love planning and doing the Liturgical year activities; and I am firmly convinced on the real value (from past experience) in having this as part of our NORMAL life, I confess I have not been as consistant as I would love to be, and we do miss some of the important ones for our family. Like St John Vianney which Saxon was very disappointed about as this will be his other Confirmation Saint.

So does any one have any ideas for me???

REQUEST: I would also ask that any one who would like to, to read my post here, and please pray for our little girl and our family.

Well that is my 7 Quick Takes for the week. For more entries hosted by Jennifer visit Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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Kaycee said...

Hi, just stopping by from Conversion Diary. Meal planning has been wonderful for my family. It keeps our budget in check and lets everyone know what to expect. I post the menu on the refrigerator each week which is nice too.

Cute blog!


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