Thursday, August 27, 2009

Relaxing on a Sunday?

Relaxing on a Sunday?
Well what else would do you do on a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon than get into old clothes and go down to the flooding creek and play commandos.

This is exactly what most of the older children did on Sunday (excluding Autumn and the little 4.) Of course this is exactly what they did in the freezing cold, return to winter, pouring down rainy day.

Mind you apart from the leaches and the LOADS of DIRTY (hard to get clean) washing that resulted from this relaxing afternoon the bonding factor between the children was evident.
I cannot say how much I love that the children still play these sort of games together. The older boys are still keen to be involves, in fact it was their idea to play this game on Sunday.

These are the type of memories that will be "family culture" the things that they can look back on and remember doing together. I believe nothing can create a closer bond between siblings than enjoying each others company in the little everyday things.

And although it resulted in more washing and drying (that we are having trouble staying on top of due to the rain and no Dryer) these for me are treasured moments. Moments where I see us Enjoying the Journey together.

Just a quick note about the photos. My photographer, as I was back at the house with the babies, is not as accomplished as some others so most of the photos were blurry.



A Bit of the Blarney said...

Can you feel me shivering? BRRRRR! Cathy :)

Gloria said...

OOOH! My boys want to 'relax' at your house! Too bad there's all that water between us :)

Erin said...

Oh how we would have loved to have played Commandos with you.


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