Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Successes 32

1. We washed up by hand for a couple of days after dinner. We put "Princess Music" on and sang and danced together, while working. It was such fun. We used to do this all the time. Ah, such is the world of dishwashers!

2. The children have really made good progress and enjoyed their Spiderwick Study. They have been keen to do this every day.

3. We made our home look like a Chinese Laundry.....Well we (almost) stayed on top of the endless washing/drying/folding up routine. i must say it is harder when washing for 12 and trying to dry it inside (we have no dryer) everyday for 2 weeks, This includes the filthy washing from Sunday.

Bonus 4. Well...we have been preparing Moran all week for her EEG on Friday. Any extra prayers would be appreciated too.
Well this is my list for this week. To enjoy some other wonderful Small Successes visit Faith and Family this week.



Therese said...

many prayers for Moran Gae.

ViolinMama said...

Saying prayers as well. Much love. I hope it goes well, and how fun to dance as you clean. Love it!!

God Bless!

Kelly said...

I will also say some prayers for Moran.

I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your successes.

May God bless the rest of your week.

Jessica Gordon said...

Praying hard for Moran!!

Unknown said...

we remembered Moran in our family eveing prayers last night for her test and will continue to pray for her throughout the day. please post to let us know how she goes and any more specific prayer requests you have for her after this test.

Kristyn Hall said...

Dear Gae,
You have such a lovely blog. :)
I enjoyed your first success. My friend unplugs the dishwasher for the month of November and it isn't used until Thanksgiving. She said her kids are very thankful for the dishwasher by then! (She began this tradition after too much griping about loading the dishwasher.)
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
I pray for Moran every morning and night, and we are still praying that your home will sell and that you'll be reunited as a family.

Anonymous said...

Also meant to add that we wash up by hand every meal. The view out of our kitchen window is spectacular.

Gae said...

Thanks especially for those prayers. I am so sure they helped.


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