Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Special Gifts

We have been blessed since before Eden was a baby to have some very special friends that we have kept in contact with for many years over many moves.

Hui has made for each of our babies after they were born a special cross-stitch for each of them. Even when they were in China when Myffwyn was born she did not fail to make one and send it to us.

All the children from Eden still have this on display in either on the wall of their bedrooms or on the bookcase.
This is the one we received for Arwen on Friday.

Thank you so much Hui.
I feel thankful that Hui still has continued to make these for our children and consider them family heirlooms.

This is a treasured friendship that I value so musch


1 comment:

A Bit of the Blarney said...

That is really a very pretty x-stitch! You are indeed very lucky! Cathy


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