Monday, August 10, 2009

Talented Friends--Fort Telson's Gold

We are blessed to 'know', well only Stephen knows them in person, but we all do through e-mail phone calls and photos (remember the new one pleas Mary Lou) and soon to be in person, when we move there 2 very talented families.

Between them they have filmed this 1 hour family entertainment.

Of course you can imagine our family's envy in not being part of this cool movie.
However we have been assured there is a sequel in the making and the children are all vying for roles.

Here is the trailer for: FORT TELSON'S GOLD

Enjoy as we have...constantly

Introducing the finest actors of their generation, this film tells the tale of soldiers and indians, damsels in distress and glittering gold, and a devious villian - it's epic entertainment for the whole family! Filmed around the world over three years - it's unmissable!!!



A Bit of the Blarney said...

Wow!!! This was very good. It would be fun to see the entire movie! Thanks for sharing! Cathy

Mary Lou said...

We play it over and over too. It was a delight to see the wonderful acting skills of the children ! We laughed until we cried at the premier showing.
They're a great bunch of kids and all did a great job.

Gae, I am getting that photo to you asap (waiting on someone to pass it on to me.


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